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How much should I pay my maid?

Posted by maryland (2579 days ago)

Please can someone give some idea of current salary levels for a house maid working in makati? (no children and no cooking)

will probably not be employing full time but will pay on an hourly or daily basis

is any insurance needed?


#1 Posted by sweetbiscuit21 (2562 days ago)

Sorry, I can't actually help you with your question - i am actually trying to contact someone who is living in Manila as an expat, to get an idea of what it is like.
Are you there yet?
I will post a thread on this site, but i think the Asiaxpat site is really HK-centric - there is not much info on other countries.
Would love to hear from you.

#2 Posted by nikko_manila (2540 days ago)

actually maid salary in the philippines is kinda cheap. its better if you have someone that can refer a maid to you. because if you get from manpower agencies, it will be more expensive.

#3 Posted by abby78 (2534 days ago)

and hiring maids there, have to be very careful. Have someone help you with it

#4 Posted by TC-DRC (2398 days ago)

Hi, I am an Aussie expat living in Makati with my wife and two kids. I pay my maid 5000php per month live in. She started on 4 but is excellent so I gave her a raise. I am returning to Australia so she is looking for a new job. I can be contacted on 0917 867 8194 or contact her (Thelma) direct on 0916 758b1218

#5 Posted by TC-DRC (2398 days ago)

Correction to Thelma's number . 0916 758 1218 Contact me on above number for reference.

#6 Posted by arlfame (2389 days ago)

Hi its Arl here, daily rate for house maid service is at Php350 to Php400, so far thats the daily rate we are currently paying for the househelp we have to take care of one of our client in ortigas and makati area.

You can get in touch with me if at 09179938503
Arl of abf1realty

#7 Posted by Mary Hervieux (2365 days ago)

Check this website: or

They tailor the cleaning/housekeeping services to your needs.

#8 Posted by floflobolt (1349 days ago)

To be blunt but honest here, having a GOOD maid in METRO MANILA is NOT AS CHEAP as many people are saying ! I am a Filipina but I find it VERY HARD to find a trustworthy & dependable maid without the costs of EXTRA benefits that is well beyond the norm.

Our home is NOT even in Metro Manila but just outside the border. Still, I must compete with Metro Manila pays, inorder to get a quality maid, my pocket can afford :-( SO MANY HORROR STORIES of stealing, breaching your trust, I have he
ard and briefly experienced when I hired a lower paid maid.

In my personal experience having a maid / house caretaker for the last 6 years, NO children, NO cooking, just cleaning, do errands, maintaining of the house : STAY OUT BASIS ; total of P13,000 per month, working only for 8 hours, she/he pays for food,transport to/from work,etc.. All that inclusive mandatory SSS and extra benefits on top of labor code: 11 government legal holidays, 3-5 days absence with pay depending on performance, gifts and bonuses depending on performance.

STAY-IN, the same type of work; you pay for food, lodging,etc,etc. which will still cost you total of appx. P8-9K/month. Food/drinking water is P3,500, she/he cooks in residence, P4,000 basic salary, P1,000 for other benefits.

I don't make my maid work any longer than 8 hours because the quality of workmanship starts to decline and not good for the employer. ONLY DURING EMERGENCY or URGENT cases I make my maid to work overtime. Overtime pay is another story. Under the labor code "household workers can work up to 10 hours per day" BEYOND 10 hours, the employer should pay her ALREADY OVERTIME PAY. NOT many local / Filipino employers are like me, though. I still do some of the household work actually, that I don't trust my maid to handle effeciently.
My friens pay peanuts for their maids and just put up with lots of S**T. Well, I don't. I rather pay more and expect a higher quality of service. THE DIFFICULTY is actually FINDING the best there is !

With my 2 toddlers, I hire 2 nannies P12,000/month each stay-out. Work only 8 hours. Extra hours, extra pay. Work is only taking care of children, playing, feeding, cleaning, bathing. I cook for my children's food.

I follow-up my maid's/ nannies' work all the time, despite how good they seemed are. Be careful when you or employer is not around, the mouse will play when the cat is not around :-)

THE BOTTOM line is , it is expensive if you are looking for a QUALITY, TRUSTWORTHY and dependable maid/nanny. If you pay peanuts, you get a monkey ! :-) Something noteworthy, an employer/you MUST write in paper or as part of employment contract the daily work schedule and details of work as guidelines. Otherwise, you will have lots of heartaches becuase your maid will just sit and watch cable T.V. or tsoak in phones. Then they will pretend to be working when the employer is arriving ! :-)

Hope this helps.

#9 Posted by floflobolt (1349 days ago)

I forgot to mention, I give my maid 1 day off every week = 4 day offs every month.

#10 Posted by msdesiree (474 days ago)

I love the post of FLOFLOBOLT

enough said~
but just a reminder for employers if you don't like to end up behind bars give enough to your nannies
including benefits like SSS(Social Security System), PhilHealth (will help them in future health expenses/ emergencies) , and Pag-Ibig (will help them to own a house in the future with enough amount deposited).
more likely P 200- 300 a month for each .
Nannies/maid * idea about monthly salaries
First timer nannies (more likely less than a year of experience) P 10,000- P12,000 / stay in and should add the benefits, stay out P 12,000-P14,000 a month

nannies with more than 2 years of experience-- P 14,000-P18,000 plus benefits stay out/ for stay in
-P 13,000- P 17,000 plus benefits

nannies with more than 3 or more years of experience with good background and criminal record
P 18,000 and above -for stay out
P 15,000 and above - for stay in

*provide them their own sleeping quarters, enough rest , enough day off (1 day off is okay), and good food
comparing the exchange rates, these are just coins in other currencies. you need someone's physical help so it means you have to be nice and pay them good.

#11 Posted by mvcsabraham (473 days ago)


May I know the basis for the computation of your Household Staffs' salaries? I am a Filipina and I find the rates rather way beyond the average Filipino families' affordability.

Thank you very much.


#12 Posted by exofw55 (463 days ago)

Hi...I am an ex Hongkong domestic helper ,worked in HK for 14 and a half years with two employers..Chinese and lately a German-British household.I am currently here in Manila and still looking for any possibilities to be employed again locally ..You may contact me at this site or message me in

#13 Posted by exofw55 (463 days ago)

I am not so sure but what I am aware of is that maids working within the area of Metro Manila is receiving around 4 thousand pesos a in condition and allowed to have one day off per week.Sometimes it depends on the generosity and considerations of employers to have a salary raise if her services are satisfactory.

#14 Posted by exofw55 (453 days ago)

Too much "helps"from "flolobolt" It is unbelievable especially the wages she's giving to her maids.If that the mandatory wages for maids in Manila or in entire Philippines...there's no hundred of thousands of domestic helpers flocking to Hongkong,Singapore ,Dubai and other affluent countries.I worked in Qatar,Malaysia,Taiwan and lately Hongkong and I find no any difficulties working with all my employers.I didn't experienced being discriminated by being subjected to be assumed as "cheater" in time of work and etc. I have known many Filipina employers in Hongkong whom subjecting their Filipino helper in some unreasonable situations such as paying their helper's salary in installment and etc.My unsolicited advice to prospective employers...especially expats...try asking any Filipino friends you meet in your company and ask them if they got maid at home and surely will be receiving recommendations from your friend's trusted maid....

#15 Posted by Anna Marieeeeeeeeeeeeee (232 days ago)

Hi. My mon is a maid here in the Philippines. Live-in. Takes care of 3 kids occasionally, do the laundry (hand wash, washing machine not working) maintain the whole 3-story hose including the rooftop. Cook, wash dishes, everything. From 7 am until midnight or 1 in the morning, depends on her boss's mood). Day-off depends on her boss's convenience. Monthly salary, 2,500 php.

#16 Posted by breezy324 (62 days ago)

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#17 Posted by diana argielyn (14 days ago)

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